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A Word from Main Coordinator 

of Polonia Semper Fidelis


My Dear Friends,


In this joyful Christmas time it is my privilege to open a new chapter of our portal Polonia Semper Fidelis. The chapter about "Project Defend Life" is given to us from God from natural conception to natural death.


Polonia Semper Fidelis is an organization which always was, is, and will be, defending the basic rights and values of every human being according to teachings of our Church and the Scriptures. These are more important to us than the rights established by man under the name of – so called – “political correctness”. Man’s rights which have already caused lots of damage in human mentality so often do not follow one simple God’s commandment: Do not kill!


The murders of unborn children presently is on an unspeakable scale of annihilation in entire nations and  human civilization. The scale that Hitler could only have in his dreams and murderer Stalin could find as an excuse for his 50 million victims. That why this has to be named straight: the so called “abortion” is a genocide on an unspeakable scale. A genocide so much more terrible that its victims are innocent human beings who could only ask: “Why Mom?”


The murders committed on the unborn is not the only issue at hand. There is also “a second face” of this genocide which is often euphemistically called in propaganda: euthanasia. The word that translates itself straight as committing murder on elderly people, mostly for economic reasons. So called “assisted suicides” by lethal injection by such „doctors” doesn’t separate them from murderers pouring Cyclone B in the gas chambers of German concentration camps in Auschwitz and Birkenau.


Opening this chapter of our portal Polonia Semper Fidelis I would like to thank all of you and each of you for your emails with support in this matter. All organizations and political groups which stand for the same are welcome. I would like to also announce much wider cooperation with any entity that supports Project Defend Life in the entire world.


God bless you !


Stan Matejczuk


Polonia Semper Fidelis

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From our team: Each of the presented chapters may have additional subdivisions which should make your search much easier. We invite in cooperation with us all of the defending life organizations from all over the world. We would also be pleased to present your materials here. 

All texts will be placed respectively in their language chapters of Polonia Semper Fidelis. 



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